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ANC Calculator

WBC (×103/mm3): Enter the WBC count as reported in the labs, ie 6.4 equals 6400 white blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood

About ANC Calculator

The online ANC Calculator is used to calculate the absolute neutrophil count (ANC).

What is ANC

In medicine, absolute neutrophil count (abbreviated as ANC) is a measure of the number of neutrophil granulocytes (also known as polymorphonuclear cells, PMN's, polys, granulocytes, segmented neutrophils or segs) present in the blood. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that fights against infection.

Calculation Formula

The ANC calculation formula used in this calculator is as following, where WBC is white blood cells count as reported in the labs, ie 4.2 equals 4200 white blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood:

ANC = 10 × (%neutrophils + %bands) / WBC

Clinical Significance

A normal ANC is above 1,500 cells/mm3. An ANC less than 500 cells/mm3 is defined as neutropenia and significantly increases the risk of infection.

NCI Risk Category ANC
0 Within normal limits
1 ≥1500 - <2000/mm³
2 ≥1000 - <1500/mm³
3 ≥500 - <1000/mm³
4 < 500/mm³
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