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GUID / UUID Generator: Behind the Scenes of Unique ID Creation

GUID / UUID Generator is a tool designed to produce unique identifiers, pivotal in software development.

GUID / UUID Generator
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About GUID / UUID Generator

The GUID/UUID Generator effortlessly produces random 128-bit GUID/UUID identifiers, essential for software development and in line with the RFC 4122 standard. For added convenience, simply click to copy the generated result.

What is a GUID / UUID?

A GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) or UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) is a unique identifier used primarily in software development and distributed systems. These identifiers are designed to be unique across time and space, ensuring that no two systems generate the same identifier, even if they are created at the exact same moment.

Origin and Usage

The concept of unique identifiers isn't new. They've been used in various forms for decades. However, with the rise of distributed systems and the need for unique identification across different platforms and devices, the importance of GUIDs and UUIDs has grown exponentially. In software construction, these identifiers play a crucial role in ensuring data integrity, especially in distributed databases where multiple entities might be creating records simultaneously. Without a system like UUID, there would be a high risk of data overlap or conflict.

Technical Details

A UUID is a 16-byte (128-bit) number. This might seem like overkill, but when you consider the vast number of devices, systems, and platforms in the world, it becomes clear why such a large identifier is necessary.


While the terms GUID and UUID are often used interchangeably, there's a subtle difference. GUID is a term that originated from Microsoft, and it stands for Globally Unique Identifier. On the other hand, UUID, which stands for Universally Unique Identifier, is a more generic term. For all intents and purposes, they refer to the same concept.

Formula and Generation

UUIDs are generated based on several factors, including the current timestamp, a machine's MAC address, and random or pseudo-random numbers. The most common version, version 4, relies heavily on random numbers. The specific formula adheres to the RFC 4122 standard, ensuring consistency across platforms. GUID / UUID Generator data-flow diagram


Essentially, they're the same. However, Microsoft systems often refer to them as GUIDs.

It's a 16-byte (128-bit) number.

They ensure data integrity in distributed systems, minimizing conflicts.

It generates version 4 (Random) UUIDs, as outlined in RFC 4122.

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