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We cannot advance without new experiments in living, but no wise man tries every day what he has proved wrong the day before.
—  James Truslow Adams
Capital is to the progress of society what gas is to a car.
—  James Truslow Adams
The whole of the American Dream has been based on the chance to get ahead, for one's self or one's children. Would this country have ever reached the point it has if the individual had always been refused the rewards of his labors and dangers?
—  James Truslow Adams
There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.
—  James Truslow Adams
Perhaps it would be a good idea, fantastic as it sounds, to muffle every telephone, halt every motor, and stop all activity someday to give people a chance to ponder a few minutes on what it is all about, why they are living, and what they really want.
—  James Truslow Adams

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