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But all old people are not good. Some are reaping the harvest of iniquity. The passions have never been chained. Jealousy and hatred have grown stronger with the declining years, when old age is a season of lamentations. Past memories rise up to shake their bony fingers and mock. Life goes out in the midst of clouds and lightnings.
—  Reverend Sidney Strong
There is another kind of a good old age, still more beautiful, when the life has been hard and rough and thorny; it is the life of the great and good ones of the earth, the life of the true follower of our Lord and Master.
—  Reverend Sidney Strong
A Christian old age is the best thing in the world.
—  Reverend Sidney Strong
A good old age becomes mellow and ripe. There is less of irritability, more of contentment. Children are a joy to a good old age. God is nearer.
—  Reverend Sidney Strong

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