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These people are so worthless it makes me want to puke blood. I would gladly open fire on them, but if given a choice I'd rather subject them to a slower form of death. They fear me because I'm intelligent and creative. I have something better to do with my time. They are insecure
—  Matt Spinks
Most of all we hate collective identity: every day of your pathetic life you are being put into a little box by society by the way you look or the bands you listen to. Collective identity sucks. Be an individual, don't make it easy to be dismissed in a sentence
—  Matt Spinks
I am one of the people who threaten them. I am a freak, and according to them anyone who goes against the mold must be eliminated. They practice a kind of reverse eugenics: instead of removing the inferior members of the population, they seek to remove all the superior individuals so that their degraded state becomes the norm, and they no longer feel threatened. Thus, tormenting a freak is looked upon highly in their society
—  Matt Spinks

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