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Nearly everyone I know (including me) believes they should be more self-disciplined. And one very simple definition of self-discipline is "doing what you know you need to do." This is where Morita therapy can be very helpful, because it eliminates the complexity of trying to get your feelings/thoughts in sync with your actions. How do you feel when you get out of bed in the morning? I almost always feel tired, lethargic, heavy, sluggish. When I get out of bed (usually around 5:30am) I virtually never feel energetic and raring to go! But I take my feelings of tiredness and sluggishness with me as I leave my bed and walk to the bathroom. This is what Morita therapy is trying to teach us – to take our unpleasant feelings with us as we do what is important to do. Rather than allow our lives to be directed by our feelings, we are guided by the important purposes that present themselves as we move forward. Feelings don't get discarded, but neither do they run the show.
—  Gregg Krech
The best strategy for coping with fear is to accept it. Don't try to fight it, work through it, understand it, or conquer it. Acceptance.
—  Gregg Krech

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